House of Voodoo Deathmas Ball  December 15 2006
RAYNE Marilyn Manson Dead Song
  Velvet Acid Christ  
  Birthday Massacre Shock
  Skinny Puppy  
  Razed In Black Damaged
  Psyclon Nine  
Purgatory Agonize  Sacrilege
  Nine Inch Nails Into The Void
  Gary Numan Dark
  Die Form Rain Of Blood
  Mentallo ^ The Fixer Hope
  Project Pitchfork Requiem
  Negative Format Focus
  Laibach Tanz Mit Laibach
voodoo Haunted Xmas Scary Bells
  Behind The Scenes Creep
  Apollo 440 Don’t Fear The Reaper
  Sisters o Mercy   Alice ~ Dirty Funker Remix
  Rosetta Stone Nothing
  The Birthday Massacre Horror Show
  Diva Destruction The Broken Ones
  The 69 Eyes Stigmata
Hellbrothers Hocico Not Like You *Ltd Mix
  Dawn Of Ashes No 1 From The New One
  Combichrist Products
  Deine Lakaien Lass Mich
  Apoptygma Berzerk Love Never Dies
  Cinema Strange No 4 From The New One
  Dulce Liquido Difraktalpoint
  This Morn Omina Vs Asche Mai/No/Mai
  E Craft Farenheit
  Soko Friedhof An Eineim Tag Wie Diesem
  Suicide Commando Conspiracy With The Devil
  Tactical Sect Devils Work
  Panzer Ag Aenimal
  The Horrorist metal man 
Purgatory Mindless Self Indulgence Bitches
voodoo The Cure Fascination Street
Purgatory Siouxsie Dazzle
voodoo KMFDM Godlike
Purgatory Melotron Kein Problem
voodoo Behind The Scenes Human
  Lacuna Coil Enjoy the Silence
RAYNE Scary Britches Creep
voodoo Marilyn Manson The Nobodies
Purgatory Depeche Mode Damaged
voodoo Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar on  Me
Purgatory Pet Shop Boys West End Girls
voodoo Skinny Puppy  
Purgatory Garbage #1 Crush
voodoo Goldfrapp Strict Machine
RAYNE   Johnny In The Basement
Purgatory Nine Inch Nails The Hand The Feeds
Geiger Hocico Born To Be Hated
RAYNE Velvet Acid Crest  
voodoo Red Peters The Closing Song

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