House of Voodoo  27.02.09
  Suicide Commando Bind, Torture And Kill
  FGFC820 Hello, Baghdad
  Nine Inch Nails Survivalism [Tardusted Mix]
  Leather Strip Cradle Of Death
  Front 242 Headhunter
  Funker Vogt Gunmen
  FGFC820 Ich Bin Ein Auslander
  Das Ich Kannibale
  Wynardtage Mask [Club Mix]
  Schallfaktor Aroused
voodoo Razed in Black Hells Bells
  The Awakening Descent
  Tones On Tail Christian Sez
  Pop Will Eat Itself Ich Bin Ein Auslander
  Faith No More We Care A Lot
  Type  O Megative Cinnamon Girl
  The Sisters o Mercy Dominion
Purgatory Panzer AG Monster
  Assemblage 23 Dirt
  Spectra Paris  
  Melotron Gib Mir Alles
  Helium Vola Omnis Mundi Creatura
  Wolfsheim Once In A Lifetime
  and one  Military Fashion Show
  Suicide Commando Blind Torture And Kill
  VNV Nation Standing
  Laibach Tanz Mit Laibach
  Icon Of Coil Shelter
  Die Form Rain Of Blood
  fictional  Blue Lights
 Mischief Clan Of Xymox Michelle [Destroid Mix]
  Ex-Voto Slice Of Life
  Chameleons UK Swamp Thing
  Echo & The Bunnymen Killing Moon
  Faith & The Muse Sparks
  Soil And Eclipse Whispering Tree's [Oakland 2k Mix]
voodoo Assemblage 23 Disappoint
  Saints Of Ruin Bloodletting
  Panzer AG Machine Gun Go-Go
  VNV Nation Entropy
  Visage Fade To Grey
  The Sixtynine Eyes Stigmata
  She Wants Revenge Out Of Control
  The Mission Burlesque
Purgatory Melotron Der Anfang
voodoo Emilie Autumn Dead Is The New Alive
Purgatory And One Techno Man
voodoo Red Peters The Closing Song
  ElektroLounge  27.02.09
gobLyn M.C.A.D.E  How Much Can You Take?
  Dive vs. Diskonnekted  Frozen (LeaetherStrip Remix)
  Virtual Embrace  Welcome To My World
Rayne Devil  N/A
  Icon Of Coil  N/A
  Shattered Order Revalation
  C-Drone Defect  N/A
  FGFC820  Law -  Organce - Resalotion
  CrunchPod  By Force
  Synocope  Park Stries
  Ayria Dos
gobLyn Aghast View  Pay Off
Forced Hand Rotersand  Exterminate Annihilate Destroy
gobLyn Hioctan  Walk Upright
  PierrePoint  Slaughter
  Covenant  Pain Amplifier
  Front 242  NueroBashing
  Suicide Commando  Traumatize
  GGFH  Fiending Korpse
  (absurd) Minds  die Stimme
  Pulse Legion  Who Decides?
Forced Hand Fader Head TZDV
UNIT77 Funker Vogt  F-117
  FGFC820  Resolution
  C-Lekktion  Damn Your Faith
  Ivory Frequency  Today
  Soman  Mask
  Angels and Agony  Darkness
  Evil’s Toy  Rainbow vs. Stars
  Covenant  The Men
  Icon of Coil  Floor Killer
  VNV Nation  Honor 2003
Forced Hand CombiChrist Tractor
Forced Hand Rotersand  Exterminate Annihilate Destroy
  Grendel  SoilBleed
  CombiChrist  ElectroHead
gobLyn Agonoize  Chains of Love
  Dive vs. Diskonnekted  Frozen (LeaetherStrip Remix)
  Fad Gadget  Back To Nature
  Virtual Embrace  Must I Go?
  Android Lust  Refuse
  Psycho Bitch  Come Back
  Hocico  Starving Children
  Amduscia  Touch That (Kill Your Thoughts)
  Accessory  Deadline
  !AiBoFoRcEn< E.W.I.F.
  Out Out  Admire The ?
Rayne Standeg Retriotion
Mischief  SchallFaktor Menschen
  Wumpscut Deadmaker



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