House Of Voodoo October 18 2003




Perki Dante’s Voodoo Cabaret You’re Going Down
Blue Man Group White Rabbit
Joy Division Dead Souls
Dance Or Die Will Of The Wind
Bauhaus Sanity Assassin
Skinny Puppy Smothered Hope
Welt Cracker
Sisters Of Mercy More
Shreikback Nemesis
Cure Lets Go To Bed
Damned Thrill Kill
Alabama 3 Power In The Blood
Marionettes Ave Dementia
Passion Play Frantic
Null Device There Is A Light
Ladytron Seventeen
Neuroticfish Wake Me Up
Cruxshadows Return (Coming Home) A23 Mix
Cyberactive Nothing Stays
Legendary Pink Dots Under Glass
Gruesome Twosome Hallucination Generation
Sisterhood Giving Ground
Tones On Tail Go
Voodoo Deadsy Brand New Love
Kill Hannah 10 More Minutes With You
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Talk About The Weather
A3 Too Sick To Pray
Sisters O Mercy Detonation Boulevard
Tones On Tail Go
Peter Murphy His Circle And Hers Meet
Cruxshadows Dance Floor Metaphor
Suspiria Allegedly Dance Floor Tragedy
Fear Cult Drop Dead
Lords Of The New Church Open Your Eyes
Nick Cave Do You Live Me
Sisters O Mercy Body Electric
Concrete Blonde Bloodletting
Clan Of Xymox Its Not Enough
Cassandra Complex Twice As Good
Type O Negative My Girlfriends Girlfriend
The 69 Eyes Stigmata
The Late Jezzebella Siouxsie & the Banshees Monitor
Virgin Prunes Baby Turns Blue
Sisters O Mercy Alice
Switchblade Symphony Dollhouse
Thrill Kill Kult Days Of Swine And Roses
London After Midnight Kiss
Malign Skin And Lye
Siouxsie Israel
Chameleons Swamp Thing
Voodoo Bolshoi A Way
Nick Cave Red Right Hand
Nina Hagen Born In Xixax
Thrill Kill Kult Sex On Wheelz
The Mission Burlesque
Creatures Pluto Drive
Iggy Pop Night Clubbin
Sisters O Mercy More
Jezzebella Christian Death Cavity 1st Communion
Bauhaus In The Rosegarden
Danielle Dax Big Hallow Man
Voodoo Outkast Hey Ya
Jezzebella Fading Colours Lorelei
Voodoo Faster Pussycat Cathouse
Jezzebella Gary Numan Are Friends Electric?
Voodoo Alice Cooper Clones
Jezzebella David The Only Bowie Fashion
Voodoo Komunity Something Me Has Died
Jezzebella Kate Has A Bush Jif Of Life
Voodoo Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar on Me
Jezzebella Ratt Round And Round
Voodoo Kiss Dr Love
Jezzebella Wham! Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
Voodoo Mariah Carey Bringing On The Heartache

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