Club Hide RIP



After over 20 years, Club Hide (formerly Rawhide) has closed it doors. They had been struggling with licenses and permits, due to the violence at their Hip Hop events. Ray got tired of fighting it, so he packed everything up and moved to upstate New York, where he will open a new club.

Over the years House of Voodoo has been at several venues (and has outlived more than one), but Club Hide holds a special place for us Club owners tend to be characters, but Ray was definitely in a class of his own.

Our first run at Club Hide in 2004 didn't go so well, Ray proved to be too difficult to work with so we moved on.

But when we returned at the end of 2006, it was a completely different story. Ray was a pleasure to work with. He genuinely liked our scene and our crowd (you guys!) and always seemed happy to have us there. We had a lot of good times at Club Hide in the past year.

Our Deathmas Ball was Club Hide's final party. Ray said he had a great time and couldn't think of a better way to end it. We have to agree - it was definitely the best night we had at "Rayhide" (and one of our best nights ever). Thanks to all of you that made it such a fun night.

Club Hide may be dead, but House of Voodoo doesn't die so easily. Every ending is a new beginning, so stay tuned for news on our next venue.

~ voodoo and the HoV Krewe




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